Frequently Asked Questions

Shipping & Returns

We currently only ship to the European Union. This is because the complexity of duties and tax payment for destinations outside of the EU currently makes it impossible for us to manage. Sign up to our mailing list to be the first to know when we are ready to expand to territories outside of the EU.

If you like our products that much, you can always consider becoming our local distributor in your home country. Feel free to get in touch if you see opportunities to work together.

Our policy is to ship your order the same day if ordered before 17:00 CET. Within the Europe Union, our shipment lead-times are usually 1 to 3 business days. For monthly subscription orders, you can expect your next delivery to arrive in time before you run out of supplements.

You will receive a track & trace code via e-mail after your product has been shipped.

Although our materials and packaging are very sturdy, accidents can always happen. In case of damage, please contact us via the Contact Us page on this website so we can discuss the damages and appropriate solution in detail. Make sure to quote your order number and e-mail address.

Please contact us via the Contact Us page on this website. Make sure to quote your order number and the e-mail address you used when placing your order.

You might change your mind about a product that you have bought from us. If you want to return a product purchased from this website, you can do so within 14 days via your personal online portal.

Please note that we can’t legally accept opened products, nor products that were not purchased via this website. Please refer to section 9 of our Terms & Conditions for more info.

This depends on a case-by-case basis. Please contact us via the Contact Us page to discuss your situation.

Subscription models

Although we believe that consistency is important and therefore recommend subscribing, not everybody is willing to commit to a monthly subscription. We want to make sure that every man can order our products in the way that he feels most comfortable with.

For monthly subscription orders, your first order will be shipped within 48 hours upon the successful placement and payment of your order. Your product supplies you with enough supplements to last 30 days. You can expect your next delivery to arrive in time before you run out of supplements.

We strive to minimize our impact on the environment, which includes limiting the packaging we use. As our jars are reusable for life (in theory), you can easily refill them with our 100% recyclable refill pouches. Check out the Our Responsibility page for more info.

You can easily modify, skip or cancel your delivery in your personal account. To cancel your delivery you will need to do so at least 5 business days before your next delivery to ensure the order is not dispatched and your payment not yet deducted.

If you decide cancel your subscription please ensure you give us 5 business days’ notice before your next delivery is due to ensure this can be cancelled in time for you.

Although we believe that consistency is extremely important for the effectiveness of our supplements, we understand that you want to keep the option open to skip a month. You can easily modify, skip or cancel your delivery in your personal account.

No. Consistency is extremely important for the effectiveness of our supplements, therefore we insist that our products are consumed daily to give you the best result. As all of our products contain a 30-day supply, we only offer a 30-day subscription frequency. This will ensure that you always have enough tablets/capsules.

About our products and ingredients.

We strive to give your body all the key nutrients, herbs and botanicals needed for optimum immunity, energy levels and brain functions. The ideal nutritional foundation to match every phase of a man’s life.

Unopened, your product(s) can be stored at room temperature until the expiry date on the back of the packaging. Once opened, keep the product(s) sealed, dry, at room temperature and out of reach of children. Equally important, keep your product(s) in an obvious place so you remember to take your supplements daily.

Our products ingredients are carefully selected to fulfil the nutritional needs of men. With The Essentials, we have tried to cover as much of the supplements men of all ages need on a daily basis. Besides the essential vitamins and minerals we all need, The Essentials has additional ingredients such as bamboo silica for healthier hair, taurine for balanced testosterone and many more.

Formulated by expert dieticians, our food supplements combine the best ingredients dosed at the optimal level to best support you in each life phase. Our products aim to supplement your nutritional intake, not fully replace it. As you will obtain some of your nutritional needs from other food sources, there is no need for us to overdose. Instead, we have filled the available space in each capsule with other, equally important ingredients.

The daily RI amount for some ingredients is too small to be added by conventional production machines. In order to add these ingredients, we could only do so by adding more than this RI amount. In all cases, we can safely say that it is not harmful to over-consume the added amounts, as your body will simply dispose of the excess amount.

All our products are plant based and 100% vegan, except for those that contain Ashwagandha, as this product might contain trace elements of lactose (resulting from the way it is processed).

Yes, none of our products contain gluten or traces of wheat.

Vitamins are the basic requirements to maintain good health and prevent disease. These essential nutrients are necessary for the body to function properly. They help with immunity and cell regeneration and support the vital organs. There are a total of 13 vitamins, each with its own specific functions and benefits within the body. The best sources for vitamins are fruit and leafy greens, but you can also supplement your vitamin intake via food supplements such as ours.

Minerals are essential elements extracted from the earth via the food that we eat. They are necessary for growth, development, and repair in the body. Minerals aid in bone and muscle growth, fluid balance, nerve function, and energy metabolism. They also strengthen the immune system and support the production of hormones and enzymes, promoting overall health and preventing disease. The best food sources for minerals are meat, fish, dairy, and cereals, but you can also supplement your mineral intake via food
supplements such as ours.

Adaptogens are named after their ability to “adapt” to the body’s needs. An adaptogen is a natural substance, typically an herb or mushroom, that helps the body adapt to stress by balancing and regulating physiological functions. They can help reduce fatigue, improve mental clarity and stability in times of stress, regulate hormone and testosterone levels, and support immunity.

Amino acids are molecules that combine to form proteins, which are necessary for the body to repair cells, perform certain bodily functions, and break down food. Amino acids also play a vital role in the immune system, and certain amino acids are used to produce neurotransmitters that affect mood and behavior. Ironically, we must consume proteins so that the body can break them down into amino acids in order to build new proteins within our own body. Amino acids are found primarily in meat, fish, dairy, eggs, legumes, and nuts, but you can also supplement your amino acids intake via food supplements such as ours.

An antioxidant is a property/function of natural or man-made substances which helps protect the body's cells from damage caused by harmful molecules called free radicals. Free radicals are formed when our body break down food or is exposed to things like tobacco smoke or radiation. Left unchecked, free
radicals can damage cells, and over time, can lead to various diseases.
Antioxidants stabilize the free radicals in your body, preventing them from causing futher damage. Examples of powerful anti-oxidants are vitamin A, Quercitin, Ginger, Curcumin, Manganese and Bioperine. All of which can be found in our ingredients.

Although very important, calcium needs to be taken in relatively high doses in order to be most effective. This would have taken up a lot of space and increased our prices that we would’ve had to scrap other more important nutrients, but still not enough to supplement your required daily intake. Instead, we have added vitamins K and B12. Where vitamin K helps extract calcium from your arteries and makes it available for redistribution within the body, vitamin B12 helps lock available calcium into your bones, teeth and nails. Nevertheless, we recommend supplementing your calcium intake if you consume less than 1 portion/glass of dairy per day.

Although very important, DHA/EPA (fish oil) needs to be taken in relatively high doses and ideally in liquid form in order to be most effective. This would have taken up so much space that we would’ve had to scrap other more important nutrients, but still not enough to supplement your required daily intake. Instead, we recommend eating a fatty fish at least once per week or supplement your intake with fish oil capsules.

Ashwagandha is safe to use for most people.

It is generally a safe herb to take in supplemental form, but it is important to be alert when using thyroid medications and antidepressants.

Do not use more than 500mg per day, nor during pregnancy or breastfeeding.

There are very rare cases of liver problems occurring while taking Ashwagandha. However, no scientific connection has yet been made between Ashwagandha and the effect on the liver.

Therefore, it is still unclear whether the reported cases are directly related to Ashwagandha or whether other factors were involved, such as use of other substances, medication or an illness.

At this moment, one of the possibilities seems to be that it concerns a hypersensitivity to Ashwagandha that occurs in very rare cases.

About our packaging materials.

All of our packaging has been designed with 3 purposes in mind: To best protect the effectiveness of our products; With minimum impact to the environment; While looking great. Please visit the Our Responsibility page for more information regarding our packaging.

Yes, as our jars are “for life”, we offer the option to purchase our products in a refill pouch instead. This is not only better for the environment, but also cheaper. When your opt for a monthly subscription, you will receive a jar as your first order, followed by a refill pouch for every following order.

A plastic-free pouch alternative that can protect food supplements from air, moisture, and radiation to the same extent that plastic can does not yet exist. Without an inner plastic layer, supplements would expire within days. You might have seen that some of our competitors use recycled paper pouches. While the outer part might consist of recycled paper, the inner layer is still made of plastic. There is currently no safe way to separate both materials for recycling, meaning that the whole pouch ends up in the land-fill instead.