Liberty Life Essentials
Liberty Life Essentials

We do our best to minimize and offset our ecological footprint. However, we can’t achieve our sustainability ambitions all at once.

Our contribution

Today, we focus on where we can have a direct impact: in our own products and supply chain.

Our packaging is reusable or 100% recyclable (without compromising on quality) and our subscription model reduces our shipping footprint and need for packaging materials.We can always do better, but it’s important to start somewhere!

It’s our ambition to offer the highest quality supplements with zero negative environmental impact.

Our ambitions

It’s our ambition for our supplements to contain the highest quality ingredients with zero negative environmental impact.

To ensure we keep our ambitions realistic and achievable, we have set ourselves an ambitious roadmap for the years to come.

Our roadmap

Our sourcing

As consumers ourselves, we must demand better when it comes to the sourcing of our ingredients and packaging.

Our ingredients

When it comes to the ingredients in our supplements, we are on a continuous journey to not only improve their effectiveness, but also to reduce their ecological footprint. Where it makes sense, we source our ingredients as close to home as possible.

We are committed to using only proven ingredients, sourced from the world's top suppliers and backed by numerous scientific studies. Furthermore, we review the effectiveness and footprint of our supplements annually based on the latest available research, making adjustments where needed.

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Our packaging

All of our packaging has been designed with 3 purposes in mind: To best protect the effectiveness of our products, with minimum impact to the environment while looking great.